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Why do you suppose we do this? Why have a ministry
at all? Well, frankly, we believe in hell just as we believe
in heaven. Sometimes it's no more complicated than that.

We have no problem at all with other ministries collecting money
for what they do. Most of them operate in a way that requires
it. From our perspective, though, we have a somewhat different
situation. That doesn't make us ethically superior - far from
it. This is just the way we are led, and so far, God has blessed
us amply and allowed us to continue in this manner. In addition,
this is not even a full-time ministry. We work on it as we have

We don't have all the answers - just the Biblical, logical, and
correct answers, and so if we are correct, then the implications
are enormous. There is a hell. Don't go there. There is a heaven.
Go there, instead.

That's our motivation.

No money is required for that.