Ponders Baptist Church - online
ready always to give an answer to every man that asks
Ponders Baptist Church has been many things to many people
over the course of the last century. There are far too many
stories to tell. The church began around 1900 and ended
its physical existence in 2007. Like all things truly spiritual,
however, the cause of Ponders, and every Christian church
lives on.

We are here to tell the truth about Jesus. We no longer
baptize at Ponders, but we teach as we are commissioned. We
are committed to it, and will continue to do so as long as
the LORD allows.

My name is Greg Hampton. I am a professional physicist in
Smyrna, Georgia, USA. As such, I attempt to reach out to those
who have been schooled in the modern Atheistic mindset - those
who put their faith in scientists, believing in their hearts
that somehow the present world just happened to fall into place
of its own accord.

It didn't.

If God has been gracious enough to allow you to consider the
alternative, please feel free to contact us. My wife and I
share this email address and would love to hear from you:

pondersbc@yahoo.com .

Questions are good. Complaints and arguments are fine, too
(bring 'em, ;o) ). Prayer requests are always welcome. We're
here to help.